Latest release:0.1.15
the world's easiest programming language

A dynamic visual programming language focused on developer experience, high-level abstractions and API consumption making it easy to build incredible apps quickly.

Free while experimental
// Code and editor


ūü™Ą magic debugger ‚ú®
Start with a template. Customize quickly using live-debugger. Ship in minutes.
Documentation right next to the code. Generated SDKs for major APIs.
// Open-source runtime

Easy to self host

Go to downloads
A small, single binary available for all major platforms. Official Docker image available.
Written in Rust programming language. Actor based concurrency model. Batteries included.
// Cloud

Analytics built-in

Monitor your app for errors and performance issues. Get notified when something goes wrong.
Bring-Your-Own-Compute or rent workers when needed.
Never lose your work with built-in versioning system. Share your work realtime with collaborative editing.
enough talking...
just try it

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